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CA DMV Approved Metro Educational Systems, LLC - providers ef Driver's Ed - on the Net®
Metro Educational Systems, LLC

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  • Approved by the California DMV
  • The ONLY on-line Driver's Ed course with a Talking Teacher !
  • Videos and movie clips throughout the course;
  • Charts and Graphs;
  • The Top 10 Reasons to fail the Driving Test; in English and Spanish;
  • FREE unlimited DMV Practice Tests for enrolled students
  • We DO NOT Charge extra if the student does not complete the
           course in 30, 60 or 90 days as some of our competitors do;
  • Students can take up to a year to complete the course;
  • Students can REVIEW any portion of the course (after they have
           studied it) as often as they wish;
  • find out how the online Driver's Ed course works!
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    for you, the Driving School owner
  • NO Start-up costs;
  • FREE secure Shopping Cart for your products (DE, BTW, adult lesson, etc.);
  • You set the price YOU want to charge for the course; we don't;
  • You can add/remove products or change prices in YOUR shopping cart as often as you wish;
  • On-line Credit Card payment/collection service available if required;
  • No waiting; Accounts are settled every 1st and 16th of the month;
  • $150 will give you a Website, Name Regestration (you choose your own domain name), and FREE Hosting;
          includes everything your students need to participate i.e course logon, course purchase, etc.(limited time offer);
  • We will host your website for FREE as long as you are our customer;
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